BROLL Neck Brace-Fire

BROLL Neck Brace-Fire

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Built as a hybrid neck brace / neck roll the Atlas Broll is perfect for very young children just starting out. The super-light, thin, and flexible design is perfect for children who are starting explore extreme sports.

Built For Kids. Small size fit for young children. Mainly foam construction is super lightweight, compliant, and ideal for young children.

Weightless Minimal Design. Everything you need, nothing you don't. The minimalist design is incredibly light.

Hybrid polymer / foam construction. Tough, impact-resistant polymer creates a flexible rear structure, and front impact layer. A super-lightweight and tear resistant foam body is super-lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

Split-Flex Frame. The Split-Flex Frame design allows the rear of the brace to flex during movements and impacts to increase comfort and promote continued controlled motion during impacts.

Jr Easy Open. Built-in Jr Easy Open release system makes removing an Atlas Broll possible for young children without an adult assistance.

Jr Smart Mounts. Jr Smart Mounts built into the back supports of the Atlas Tyke Brace provide two possible settings to find tune the fit around your chest and back. The dual-hole design can increase the size of the brace to fit your child as they grow.

Chest Strap. An included chest strap can help secure the Broll. Multi-Use. Each Atlas Brace is suitable for all non-seated activities that require a full-face helmet. This includes motocross, Supercross, off-road / trail riding, BMX, mountain biking, snowmobiling, ATVs, etc. (note: Atlas does not recommend using this product for seated / belted activities like car racing, side by sides, or similar, as they are not intended for this type of use).


Size (chest circumference): Broll: 21" - 25" (53 - 63 cm).

Weight 0.64 pounds (290 grams).

In the box: Broll. Chest strap. Quickstart guide.

Warranty: Each Atlas Brace carries a limited lifetime warranty against breakage for the original purchaser.

Atlas Brace USA, LLC. and its subsidiaries reserve the right to repair or replace the product and/or its component parts at their own discretion. Why Atlas? Innovation. To truly innovate, you have to be willing to completely change the way you think about a product. Every aspect must be re-imagined from the ground up. With endless hours of R&D, Atlas makes it their mission to create the absolute best products possible that truly fit, flex, and function as they should. Atlas is committed to excellence. Simplicity. Atlas goes to great lengths to create simplistic products. By removing all the unnecessary parts from the assembly, you get a far more user friendly end result. From fit and adjustment to function and maintenance, carefully engineered simplicity allows Atlas to make everything a step above the competition. Comfort. With most protection products, comfort is often sacrificed. Atlas believes in making products that don't over look this very critical feature so that their customers don't have to hinder their performance. Their products use never-before-seen features and advanced materials to create the ultimate balance of quality and comfort, without sacrificing protection. Experience. Atlas fanatically obsess over every aspect of their products, constantly pursuing perfection to create the ultimate user experience. Instead of customers asking "Why does this function this way?" Atlas wants them to look at their products and think "Why don't all products function this way!" This is what Atlas strives for, this is their driving force. The choice of champions. It's natural to admire our idols and imitate what they do. Atlas is the choice of championship winning athletes Ryan Villopoto, Jason Anderson, and Dean Wilson...Three of the most respected in the business. Report Incorrect Product Information